On route to Transfăgărășan, we will arrive at Bâlea Lake, and after a short hike of 30 minutes, we will arrive at The Goat’s Saddle. We take a deep breath in, hydrate ourselves and proceed towards one of the most beautiful peaks over 2500m (8200ft) in Romania, Buteanu’s Hunt (Vânătoarea lui Buteanu) (2507m; 8225ft). The uniqueness of this peak is given by the fact that we have the best view over Transylvania as well as Argeș county, where we will observe the Transfăgărășan from above, and far off we can see the Vidraru Lake. Buteanu’s Hunt lures us with a superb view over the highest mountain ridges in the Country, the Negoiu and Moldoveanu peaks.